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As a recent Honours graduate of the Vancouver Film School’s prestigious Game Design Program, Luca has 20 years of experience as a passionate gamer behind him. During his studies he received several accolades and, together with his team, created an award-winning final project. Luca has perfected his game development skills including game design, level design, system design, AI states, storytelling, behavioural algorithms and game production.
As a Game Producer, Luca brings 15 years of experience in management, leadership and sales.

Luca is a Game Producer and Founder of Cyberspline Games Inc


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Luca is a fantastically clever level designer- and designer in general - managing to get so much out of so little. His knowledge of the use of space in regards to character navigation, puzzles, and combat, makes for levels that never leave you confused or lost, and always feel the right amount of challenging. Luca is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a designer of any type

Elizabeth Thomson

I’ve had a fantastic chance working with Luca on a number of business projects, and was always fascinated by the level of his professionalism, knowledge and friendly respectful personality. There was no task that Luca could not complete in a timely elegant manner, even when the deadline was very tough. His creativity and absolute love for games led him to complete VFS this year, and it was a huge success – as a top student of his class, Luca achieved an enormous fame as talented manager, creative artist and game designer among his colleagues and teachers. My organization feels lucky to work with him again this year on Augmented Reality project, and I wish Luca all the best in his exciting career

Ekaterina Nosova

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Vancouver, BC (Canada)

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The Cluckening

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Super Slug Shelter 4+1/3 Turbo Edition

Global Game Jam 2019